Radium Palace


En 1911, l’État ouvre les portes d’une maison thermale. Le Radium Palace est inauguré en 1912, à Sankt-Joachimsthal. La plupart des célébrités de la vie politique, industrielle et culturelle viennent s’y faire soigner. Acheminée par pipeline sur plusieurs kilomètres, l’eau radioactive remplit les piscines.


In 1864, when the miners were excavating the ore at the Svornost mining pit in the depth of about half a kilometre, a strong spring of water burst out that quickly flooded the pit. For decades nobody could imagine that it would be this spring, which will, after the discovery made by the Curies, make Jáchymov famous as a health spa. We consider year 1906 the start point of the local spa practice. On the beginning there were only small private baths. Soon the state takes on the main part. In 1911 the first spa house opened up where the healing water was brought down by several kilometres long pipeline. The remarkable healing effects induced the idea of building the Radium Kurhaus spa hotel – today known as the Radium Palace – which was open in 1912 and belonged to the best Europe could offer in that time. Mostly celebrities of political, industrial and cultural life used to come here for treatment. Gradually other spa houses and private bed n’ breakfasts were built, which, by the thirties, enabled accommodation of up to nine thousand spa guests a year. Jáchymov radium spa won the world fame.