Three dimensional (3-D) virtual reality models can be an effective tool for education and training in nuclear engineering applications. This technology can be used to model and simulate nuclear facilities with the help of custom-made packages and programming. This paper introduces useful features of a well known game engine, Unreal Engine III, for nuclear-specific virtual reality models. Specifically, some of the built-in features of this edition are exploited to add nuclear-specific applications and to enhance interactivity. Through these specifically developed interactive and 3-D graphical simulators, Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) personnel and first responders can “play” and experience the operational and emergency scenarios of a plant.

Z. KrizR. ProchaskaRizwan-uddin, Unreal III based 3-D virtual models for training at Nuclear Power Plants, Published 2010, Engineering, 2010 1st International Nuclear & Renewable Energy Conference



Image : Colored floor shows radiation levels within a nuclear facility model.